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“City on the Shoulders” photo of Doha workers wins international award-Doha News

Photographer wins an award for capturing Doha’s labor scene

Doha’s street photographer is internationally recognized for portraying workers on their way to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Ajeesh Puthiyadath, an IT engineer during the day and a photography enthusiast at night, was passionate about capturing emotional and impactful images through the camera lens.

“I brought my first camera from my salary right after I came from India,” he said. Doha News.. “When I was a kid, I loved cameras and I love shooting what’s happening around me.”

His passion for street photography earned him the Grand Prize in Street and Architecture at the Paris International Street Photo Awards (PIPSA).

“Street photography connects something about life. It’s emotional or insightful. It excites me and captures unexpected moments from everyday life and creates extraordinary images. “He said.

The Petityadas Award-winning photo shows two workers carrying slabs in front of the Doha city skyline. The city, entitled “City on the Shoulders,” is a depiction of the people who have contributed to the development and growth of the city.

“All the structures around the city could not have been built without the efforts and sacrifices of the workers. This image absorbed the soul of their work.”

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For Petit Yadas, street photography is a form of “candid expression” of what is happening on the ground. His figurative and expressive photography not only gained his recognition, but also spotlighted the subject of his photography.

Ajeesh Putyiyadath, an award-winning photographer taking pictures in Doha

“I am overwhelmed by this achievement and believe that every perception is the greatest motivation,” he said.

Puthiyadath has won awards in contests in Doha, Paris, Washington, New York, Delhi and Minneapolis.

“We will record what is happening to Doha for the World Cup. We will continue to take pictures,” he said. Doha News.


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