Clearest-ever seafloor maps present deep-sea ‘Grand Canyon’ off US coast in gorgeous element

The decision of the brand new maps is so excessive that small seafloor creatures, like this crab, could be clearly seen within the last photos. (Picture credit score: Monica Wolfson-Schwehr © 2023 MBARI)

A large deep-sea ravine within the Pacific Ocean has been mapped out in larger element than every other a part of the world’s seafloor. The brand new maps of the “deep-sea Grand Canyon” have a “centimeter-scale decision” and reveal precisely how the underwater valley is consistently altering.

The Monterey Canyon begins simply off the coast in Monterey Bay, California. It extends greater than 292 miles (470 kilometers) beneath the waves and is round 7.5 miles (12 km) throughout at its widest level. The underwater ravine has partitions as much as 5,580 toes (1,700 meters) tall, and at its deepest level the seafloor is round 2.5 miles (4 km) under the ocean’s floor. 

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