Climate group causes road anger in controversial protests-English

(ANSA)-Rome, July 1st-One of the most powerful ways to offend someone in Italian is to curse your ancestors by saying “Mortacci Tua”, your sad dead.

It’s an insult to hear a lot in the last few weeks after the Ultima Generazione (Last Generation) group launched a climate protest campaign to block traffic on Rome’s GRA highway ring road during the morning rush hour.

And ensuring the anger of the road is not limited to insults.

Perhaps, of course, drivers facing delays have handed the law into their hands to force the exclusion of protesters sitting on the freeway.

The group has released a series of videos of their actions, including one in which a male member of the group is dragged by a ferocious man to the side of the road by his ponytail hair.

“You’re hurting me,” said the driver’s replied protester: “Who gives the shit?” The determined protester in question is fast while the driver is dragging others out. He quickly regained his place in the middle of the lane.

Hostility is not limited to those directly affected by the protest.

Many commentators on the group’s Facebook page accused them of being spoiled kid of wealthy parents (‘figlidipapà) and “broken the ball” of the general public rather than the wealthy and powerful people. Blow them up for.

One commentator said that continuing to detain people on the ring road during the heat waves that Italy is currently enduring is an “attack on people’s health.”

Another step further was to compare Ultima Generazione with the so-called “Year of Lead” terrorist group in Italy in the 1970s.

There are lots of support messages, but it’s unlikely that Ultima Generazione will win the popularity contest right away.

There are also major safety risks they are performing if insults and rough treatment are not sufficient.

Another video shows a group of protesters walking in a row across a fast-moving traffic lane. The man who leads the line is scared on the verge of hitting the van.

So what makes them do it? Ultima Generazione, part of a similar group’s A22 network in several countries, including Just Stop Oil in the UK, Stop Old Growth in Canada, Derniere Renovation in France, and Declare Emergency in the US, reiterates its dislikes. It disrupts people’s lives.

However, the group of “citizens of concern” feel they have no choice given the seriousness of the climate crisis.

“We know we can alienate some,” said a qualified veterinarian who left her career to devote her full-time to the fight against climate emergencies with the group. Beatrice Costantino told ANSA.

“Polarizing and destructive behavior attracts far more media attention and creates public debate than any other kind of direct behavior.” Most people disagree with the method. But actually agree with our request.

“For example, about 60% of Italians think they should produce more renewable energy and abandon fossil fuels.

“As a civil resistance movement, we only care about causes and demands and do not seek gratitude for ourselves.

“That’s why we are not afraid to alienate the majority.

“We are seeking the support of a small minority (1-2% of the population) who wants to join us.

“We are convinced that this is the number of people we really need for the nonviolent revolution.”

Italy is now enduring the worst droughts in decades and is causing a major agricultural emergency with the prospect of imminent water distribution in some parts of the country.

Ultima Generazione states that this is a taste of what the climate crisis awaits, and that it sees hardcore civil disobedience as the only way to prevent sleepwalking from falling into climate collapse.

They will shut down all remaining coal plants in Italy, shut down all new projects for gas exploration and drilling, and increase Italy’s energy generation capacity from solar and wind by 20 GW per year. Is requesting.

They say they won’t stop until these demands are met, and argue that it’s a necessary evil to bother the general genital members.

“By confusing the masses, we make a collective drama,” said Costantino.

“People are forced to act from fear, anger, and love for life, and people are afraid to arrive late at work, school, or hospital.

“Police officers were forced to drive peaceful protesters out of the street and prosecute them, even if they admitted that it was their right.

“We cannot constantly and deeply discuss climate and ecological emergencies without touching people’s emotions.”


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