Climber Janja Garnbret crowned European Champion

MUNICH – Slovenia’s premier climber Janja Garnbrett was crowned European Champion on Saturday in Munich. It is her second European Champion title for her after winning her one in the combined in 2017. bouldering.

The 23-year-old from Šmartno, near the town of Gradec, Slovenia, outperformed her rivals in the semi-finals and final, but failed to reach the top of the course.

“It’s an incredible feeling. For many people the European Championship is just the European Championship, but for me it’s not. This was probably the hardest game to win, but I’m very happy,” said the champion after winning. In the first reaction afterward, I talked about falling when I flew a few meters.

“I thought I was going to die,” she told the MMC news portal, stressing that she had to prepare for Sunday’s bouldering.

In the final, the Tokyo Olympic overall champions took 50+, followed by Austria’s Jessica Pilz (45+) and France’s Manon Hilly (41+).

Gernbret’s success capped off with fourth place for another Slovenian, Mia Crumple, in the final. Climber Janja Garnbret crowned European Champion

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