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CMC wants land allocation to replace mobile barn

Municipalities should consider the possibility of allocating lots of land in the city of Al-Shamal, which will be used as an alternative to old mobile barns, as in the case of the Arnaksh region recommended by the Central City Council (CMC).
Close coordination is needed between the Ministry of Local Government and the General Passport Department of the Ministry of Interior to facilitate the process of hiring a sufficient number of foreign workers in these barns. In addition, as in the case of Al Otoriyah, Al Ghuwariyah and Al Jamailliya, it is necessary to create a barn complex in each suburb of the country.
During a recent regular biweekly session, the CMC issued many other recommendations to local governments on raising public awareness of the harmful effects of toxic plants on both humans and animals. did. It was suggested that the ministry needed to maintain coordination with relevant organizations to remove such plants from public gardens, parks, barns and other important places.
The CMC also recommended increasing the area where local varieties of trees are planted. The council has accepted staff from the Food Security Department to consider national food security strategies. Masoud Jarallah al-Marri, director general, pointed out that although it is under the jurisdiction of the local government, many organizations in the country are stakeholders in the implementation of the strategy. Our goal is to provide safe, high-quality food at reasonable prices without wasting natural resources. He said the strategy was implemented effectively and successfully in every respect.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707123/CMC-seeks-land-allocation-to-replace-mobile-barns CMC wants land allocation to replace mobile barn

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