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CMIC providing lift boat jacking system to CTW

On July 18, Chinese companies CMIC and CTW (Tianjin) Offshore Engineering (CTW) signed an agreement on strategic cooperation and the supply of four liftboat jack systems to CTW.

“The strategic cooperation framework provides the basis for cooperation for the construction of liftboats, the collaborative development of front-end customer resources, the provision of better services for back-end operations, and the further development of the maintenance services market. We do, “said CMIC.

CTW is a private company engaged in research, consulting, services, manufacturing, sales and rental services of marine engineering equipment, mainly self-jacking system and self-design, manufacturing, supervision and marketing. .. -Propulsion unit.

Two complete sets of liftboat jack systems have already been delivered from CMIC to CTW earlier this year. The total contract value for the six complete sets of liftboat jack systems is RMB156 million (approximately US $ 23.1 million), which includes two sets already delivered and four new sets ordered this week. Both are included.

According to CMIC, the two companies have agreed on two more complete sets of liftboat jack systems and electrical control systems.

“All orders are for overseas shipowners. From now on, cooperation between the parties will focus on further strengthening product technology, accelerating delivery, improving after-sales service, etc.,” said CMIC.

Over the past few years, CTW has made significant progress in the offshore oil, gas and wind markets, demonstrating its strong market management capabilities. With a long history in the offshore engineering and energy industries, CMIC has strong equipment design and manufacturing strengths, a sound market and customer network, and extensive operational and maintenance experience in the areas of oil and gas and offshore wind. Have Utilizing this strategic cooperation, CMIC and CTW will seek future joint development by utilizing the advantages and functions of their respective resources, and will “cooperate with synergies and mutual benefits.”

https://www.oedigital.com/news/498206-cmic-to-deliver-liftboat-jacking-systems-to-ctw CMIC providing lift boat jacking system to CTW

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