COA chief denies plagiarism claims

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The Kuomintang candidate said Chen Chizhong plagiarized most of two papers written by a professor at National Taiwan University.

Council of Agriculture (COA) Minister Chen Zhizhong yesterday denied accusations of plagiarizing parts of a 2012 research project.

China Nationalist Party (KMT) Kaohsiung City Council candidate Bai Qiao Yin wrote online that Chen had plagiarized large portions of two research papers written by Lin Guo Qing, a professor of agricultural economics at National Taiwan University. rice field. 2007 and she was published in 2008.

According to Pai, the project cost TWD 1.25 million (USD 39,476 at the current exchange rate).

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The accusations came amid media reports that KMT Taoyuan mayoral candidate Zhang Sunzheng had plagiarized papers from a NT$57 million research project undertaken for the COA between 2007 and 2009. I was.Ltd.

The council determined that the six papers overseen by Mr. Chan overlapped with other publications by 25-45% and asked Mr. Chan for clarification by Friday.

Chen wrote on social media that the results of a plagiarism detection software analysis of his 2012 research paper showed only a 3% overlap with Lin’s work, but did not specify where the similarities occurred. .

With the exception of some statistics and bar graphs cited in Lin’s research, Lin’s research is government data, and “unlike the research that Chang oversaw,” all of his papers are original.

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