Coalition talks on agricultural carbon emission targets to be resumed

Discussions will resume on Thursday between the three leaders of the coalition on emission reduction targets for the agricultural sector.

It is understood that an agreement may be reached within a few days.

Taoiseach Michelál Martin, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, and Green Party leader Eamon Ryan had a long discussion until late Wednesday night on how to allocate emission reduction targets to key sectors of the economy, especially across the agricultural sector.

It will come after the government fails to reach an agreement on the issue during the last scheduled cabinet meeting before summer vacation on Wednesday.

The Government’s Climate Action Plan 2021 sets out a 22-30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions targets for the agricultural sector as part of Ireland’s goal of reducing total emissions by 51% by 2030.

Some backbench TDs have stated that emissions caps need to be set at the lower end of that range, and climate scientists and some opposition parties are calling for a reduction in the cap.

“I still have hope,” Ryan said in a post-Cabinet meeting that an agreement could be reached.

Environment Minister Amon Ryan said he hopes to reach an agreement on Wednesday (Brian Laures / PA).

The Minister of the Environment told RTE News: We need to create opportunities for Irish farmers and ensure they earn enough from the changes we make.

“I still have hope and I’m working hard to get there.”

After leaving the meeting, he told reporters that Senator Pauline O’Reilly’s allegations about RTE radio could move the Green Party away from the government by reducing agricultural emissions by 22% or 23%. I didn’t. ..

“I don’t think the Greens can withstand such low numbers,” she said.

Agricultural Minister Charlie Maconalog was seen thumbs up and smiling at the press as he left Dublin Castle.

Following the Cabinet, Justice Minister Helen McEntee told RTE Radio, “This is not an easy process.”

“Negotiations are underway and no agreement has been reached yet. I don’t know if we will reach today or this week.”

She said the delay was caused by the government “trying to get the right agreement here” and not just agriculture.

“”[It’s] Because we understand that we agree, that we all agree is realistic, ambitious, and everyone needs to be ambitious here. “

“But there is a complete agreement that we have the support and support of everyone involved in achieving our overall goals, not just all parts of the three parties,” McKenty said.

The prime minister said before the cabinet meeting that it would not be easy to reach an agreement, but the government “decided to resolve this.”

Taoiseach Micheal Martin said the government has “decided” to reach an agreement on emission reductions (PAs).

He states: “The difficulty in reaching an agreement reflects the importance of the challenge. I think it is important for us to get a solution, but in the context of climate change, future deliveries and real momentum. Is to do it in a way that promotes it. “

Martin added that part of the challenge of agriculture is to recognize most of the role that agriculture will play in the future energy sector and to recognize the importance of food production.

Ireland is legally committed to halving carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050. Coalition talks on agricultural carbon emission targets to be resumed

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