Coast Guard prevents five boats with more than 450 immigrants from entering Greece

Alert in the Aegean Sea: Early Monday morning, five boats carrying dozens of immigrants attempted to illegally invade Greek waters. The Greek Coast Guard has found a boat between Chios and Samos and continues to operate at noon on Monday.

More than 450 people are reportedly on board five sailing vessels.

It is the first time in almost two years that so many ships are trying to illegally cross Greece at the same time.

Around 4 am on Monday morning, the first of the five sailing vessels on board was discovered by a Greek Coast Guard vessel patrolling the area. Immediately followed by four other boats.

Soon other Coast Guard vessels rushed to the area to prevent invasion of Greek waters.

The sailboats became immobile and Turkish authorities were immediately informed to accompany them back to the Turkish coast.

Two of the five sailing vessels returned to Turkey, and the other three expected the Turkish Coast Guard.

There are moments of tension and pressure as Turkish authorities do not seem to want to work together to delay the return of sailboats to Turkey, according to media sources.

As a result, hundreds of people remain in the sea, and Coast Guard soldiers are always vigilant.

People on the sailboat told the Greek Coast Guard that they wanted to reach Italy via Greece.

A source from the Hellenic Coast Guard told the media that this was the largest number of boats illegally crossing Greek waters in the last two years.

“Source” Greek quote media We interpret the mass outflow of immigrants to Greece as a step for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to regain tensions with Greece and reiterate his frustration with the Greek-US defense pact and the base of Alexandroupoli.

A week ago, a Coast Guard officer “This summer is expected to be difficult. According to the latest information we have collected, thousands of refugees and migrants have already gathered on the west coast of Turkey. Concentration is already huge,” and they are Add “: There is three times the pressure compared to last year. From the first few months of 2022 to today, it has blocked the entry of 12,000 migrants. “

Erdogan is the new “Hybrid warBut you’ve instrumented immigrants as he did in 2020, but this time in the Aegean Sea because the Greek border of Ebros is well protected? Coast Guard prevents five boats with more than 450 immigrants from entering Greece

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