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“CODA” wins Oscar for breakthroughs in streaming

Los Angeles — Apple TV’s Coda became the first Oscar-winning streaming film about a teenager who is the only hearing member of a hearing-impaired family.

Once considered vulnerable, Coda defeated presumed front runner Netflix’s Western The Power of the Dog.

Jessica Chastain won the Best Actress Award, but the ceremony cast a shadow when Will Smith, the winner of the Best Actor Award, struck Chris Rock with a joke about his wife, Jada.

King Richard’s star later apologized to the Academy and his fellow candidates, using his emotional acceptance speech.

The pandemic that temporarily pushed the entire entertainment industry into streaming mode helped accelerate the acceptance of streaming, and last year’s winner Nomadland was directed to rival streamer Hulu.

Jessica Chastain got her first Oscar in “Tammy Faye’s Eyes” by playing Tammy Faye Mess, also known for make-up and hairstyles.

In her acceptance, Chastain quoted Baccano’s compassion for these groups in the film as “discriminatory and prejudiced over our country” to the LGBTQ + community. I talked about “the law”.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences enjoys the 94th Academy Awards as much as knowing who won what, as one-third of the Oscars were distributed before the live television broadcast officially began. I’m sure I can do it.

The award-winning academy has implemented a controversial plan to distribute awards in eight categories prior to the main television broadcast and edit those selections into a show. Despite that decision, the television broadcast was still running for more than three and a half hours.

Another big winner of the night was the science fiction epic “Dune”. Warner Bros. Pictures dominated the technical category and won six Oscars in sound, film editing, production design, filmmaking, visual effects, and Hans Zimmer’s music score. This was the second victory of the prolific composer of the 12 nominations, the first nomination for The Lion King in 1995.

The television show focuses on incorporating more entertainment into the television broadcast, with Beyonce playing a song nominated by “King Richard” outside the venue, followed by hosts Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and others. Handed over to Wanda Sykes. Candidates (the “House of Gucci” was called the “House of Random Accent”) are “going to spend a gay night” aiming for Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. I promised. Sykes later joked about Texas’s voter registration law.

Disney’s “Encanto” was commended as the best animated film. The movie performed quite well in the theater, but it seemed to be particularly popular after its debut on the studio’s streaming service Disney +.

Supporting actresses and actors probably represent the least suspenseful choice of the night, but Ariana Devose and Troy Kotsur are the most emotional, winning Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” and “CODA” remakes, respectively. It was one of the most popular ones. Kotzer will be the second most honored actor after co-star Marlee Matlin, who was recognized as “Children of a Lesser God” in 1987.

After thanking Spielberg and co-star Rita Moreno (who originally played that role), Devose said he was a strange African-Latino woman, citing the movie and wondering how they would fit. Said to those who might think, “There is certainly a place for us.”

Questlove tearfully accepted Oscar in his documentary “Summer of Soul”, Japan’s “Drive My Car” won the Best International Film Award, and the three-hour drama also won the Best Picture Award. I was nominated.

Kenneth Branagh, who received eight nominations in various categories, was awarded the first Oscar for writing “Belfast,” a deep and personal view of his hometown that he directed and produced.

The Grammy and Tony Awards have a similar format for time-shifted awards, but many Academy members are dissatisfied with the slight recognition of these candidates. Nonetheless, as with many major award shows, there was a growing sense of urgency to streamline the presentation after Oscar fell to record lows last year.

This switch saved a little time and was used for gorgeous numbers. This includes the colorful rendition of the “Encanto” song “Don’t Talk About Bruno”. A comedy bit that drops Schumer from a rafter dressed as a spider. Introducing the “fan favorites” that were voted unscientifically by guys and via Twitter.

The broadcast includes a tribute to the James Bond movie commemorating the 60th anniversary, a reunion of casts from “White Men Can’t Jump”, “Juno”, and “Pulp Fiction”, and a share of nostalgia such as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of “The Godfather”. Also included. ”Directors Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro were taken to a fine applause.

The latest Bond movie, No Time to Die, is one of the few awards distributed to box office blockbusters as the industry increasingly divides between popular and prestigious fares. Won one of the best songs of Billie Eilish and FINNEAS O’Connell. — CNN

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