CoE: Commissioner Mijatovic was deeply concerned about the situation of third-country citizens.

Dunya Miyatovic, Civil Rights Commissioner Council of EuropePraises Hungary’s “fair and effective” asylum procedures and its open border policy for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

In a letter to Interior Minister Predrag Mijatovic, Mijatovic expressed his “deep appreciation for solidarity and generosity” that the Hungarian authorities and the Hungarian people have shown to refugees from Ukraine. The Commissioner understands that the majority of those who fled Ukraine only “passed” through Hungary, and by June 1, Hungary had only received about 23,000 registrations for temporary protection. He said he did.

Mijatovic said this constitutes “a fairly low percentage of nearly 700,000 entries from Ukraine” reported by Hungarian authorities at the same time, providing inadequate information about the protection options available to fugitives in Hungary. He said he raised concerns that he might have received it.

She also said that several Roman rights groups complained in border towns and Budapest when they were receiving discriminatory attitudes and support in refugee shelters.

“Reiterating that the provision of assistance and effective access to rights must be indiscriminately guaranteed to all, to ensure that certain vulnerabilities and difficulties in Rome are properly considered. We encourage you to step up your efforts. “

The Commissioner called on the Hungarian authorities to recognize, evaluate and support the activities of civil groups to ensure that essential legal advice and information is provided to all in need. ..

Meanwhile, Mijatovic said he was “deeply concerned about the situation of third-country citizens and stateless persons, who said he was excluded from the temporary protection system and could not apply for asylum due to the crisis caused by mass migration. I have. ” She said that the humanitarian residence permit issued to the people in question did not bring any benefit to them, and they “have no legal certainty in terms of permanent protection.” She declares that the current legislative framework of Hungary is that such people will travel to Kieu, where they will make an appointment with the Hungarian embassy and seek asylum in Hungary “if not exiled to Serbia”. He said he would demand that.

“This situation, in my view, shows the inadequacy and sustainability of the legislative framework currently in place in Hungary related to asylum,” Mijatovic wrote.

The Commissioner also said that “sustainable rhetoric by high-ranking government officials” identified Ukrainians as “real refugees” and portrayed those who fled other atrocities and wars as retired migrants. “Unfortunately there is a particular problem,” he said. She said this violates the basic principle that human rights exist to protect everyone in the same way, regardless of country or ethnic origin, color, or belief.

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