Cohabitation with COVID, zero infection is impossible-Costa-English

(ANSAmed)-Rome, June 16-Thursday, Under Secretary of Health Andrea Costa coexists with COVID-19 to lift the previous day’s Maskman date because the zero infection milestone is “unreachable.” He said it was a further step to do.

Costa talks to TG2 Italia, and removing the face mask obligation on Wednesday is “a further step towards getting us closer to normal, except for public transport, hospitals and long-term care facilities.” Infectious diseases are unreachable. It’s a possible purpose. “

“We need to live with COVID, which means that the hospital can continue its normal activities.

“Fortunately, as of today, hospitalization numbers are absolutely positive, despite the rise in infectious diseases.”

Another Under Secretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sirelli, talked about the rise of new infectious diseases on Thursday, telling the Radio Cusano campus that Italy is dealing with “more infectious variants that do not cause hospital problems.” Told.

Sirelli talked about the “summer wave” that has already begun in other European countries, and now in Italy, “but it should not be seen in fear or attachment.”

“In contrast to last year, the majority of the population has been vaccinated with two doses and 70% have been vaccinated with boosters.

“This means using the usual precautions, but everything is in control.”

According to the GIMBE Medical Foundation, new cases of COVID-19 in Italy from June 8-14 increased by 32.1% compared to the previous week, coronavirus deaths increased by 6.1% and registered in Italy. Stopped the recent positive trends that have been made. Monitoring report. (ANSAmed).

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