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Cold, water rain that lasts until February: Saadoun

Adel Al-Saadoun

Ben Garcia

Kuwait: Kuwaiti meteorologist and historian Adele Alsardun said the cold weather in Kuwait is likely to continue until February. “It’s not stable, but cold weather will be experienced this year due to global climate change,” he said. “Cold days have just begun and are projected to reach 4-5 degrees Celsius in the desert. In some areas, minimum temperatures will drop further to 2 degrees Celsius. By Wednesday, some parts of Kuwait. There can be some sporadic rain, “said Sadung, head of the Fintus Observatory.

According to the Meteorological Bureau of the Director of Civil Aviation yesterday, it is predicted that the coastal areas at 15-45 km / h will have weak winds, mild northwest winds, and scattered clouds. In coastal areas, at speeds of 12-42 km / h, northwesterly winds are weak and moderate cold is expected. The lowest temperature recorded yesterday was 8 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, today it is expected that the northwesterly winds will be weak at speeds of 12 to 35 km / h, and clouds will be scattered in moderate cold weather. Tonight, at speeds of 10-32 km / h, the northwesterly winds are weak, moderately cold, and some scattered clouds are expected.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/cold-weather-to-last-until-february-rain-by-wed-saadoun/ Cold, water rain that lasts until February: Saadoun

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