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Bahamas, Nassau-Police Secretary Paul Roll said he had instructed the Bahamas Royal Police (RBPF) Complaints Department to investigate a quarrel with the Bahamas Royal Police (RBPF) police officer, Minister of Transport Jobes Coleby Davis.

Role to resign on July 5ththPreviously said that the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary was handling the matter.

But he suggested yesterday that another course was taken.

Police Commissioner Paul Roll

A suspicious quarrel between the minister and officers arose when the Carnival festival took place last month.

Police officers allege that Coleby Davis refused to pass her and injured her leg in her car. Coleby-Davis denied that claim.

“The problem was being investigated,” Roll said in an interview. Witness news.

“I think they were saying … they each intended to take a specific action.

“I referred the issue to the police complaints unit.

So I can’t speak it out clearly because it has to return to the commissioner at the end of the day, so they are doing their investigation.

Home Transport Minister Jo Beth Coleby-Davis denied the alleged quarrel outside the Prime Minister’s Office on May 25, 2022.

“And you know, I said before … we have to find a mechanism for when the problem goes to court [for] The disposal can be announced.

“But we have notified the individual. But, as you know, you have questions from the media and some from other interested people, but they are all internal. That’s right because there is. “

The problem usually goes before the complaint branch only if the complaint is made to the officer.

In response to this, Roll said: A statement was made in the public domain, but nothing was made, so no complaints or official complaints were made.

“The officer’s claim that he was struck. And I think she also made some claims.

“I want to hear what her claim was. I then said I would get rid of myself.

“They do research and then make recommendations to me.

“I want to believe she made the claim. As I said, the officer was ill.

“So we … can’t move on until he’s proved to be back at work for an interview.” Coleby-Davis’s investigation referred to the RBPF complaints department – ​​Eye Witness News

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