Collapse of public wage negotiations, fatal accident in Laos, overcrowding of Limerick hospital

Public sector payments

Negotiations on public sector wages between trade unions and government It broke down At the workplace relations committee last night. The meeting continued without a resolution until 3 am.

Trade unions are demanding a wage increase of around 7% due to soaring living costs.

Discussions at the workplace committee continued until early this morning, according to union sources, but there is a big gap between the two.

The union was expected to demand a salary increase to cover the surge in living costs.

Leash crash

A man in his 40s died following a deadly car crash At CoLaois on Friday morning

Gardai and paramedics are currently at the scene of the incident from Ballacolla to Rasdowny Road Ballacolla, Leish.

The collision involved the car and occurred around 1 am.

A man in his early 40s, a car driver, was sentenced to death at the scene.

His body was removed and taken to Midland Regional Hospital Portraitish.

Overcrowding of Limerick Hospital

Staff shortages and reduced bed capacity are some of the main causes Overcrowding According to the new HIQA report, in the emergency department of Limerick University Hospital.

On March 15, they conducted a risk-based emergency department unannounced inspection to follow up on overcrowding issues and prepare for more serious congestion during the bank holiday weekend of March 17-20. Did.

During the inspection, they evaluated the following:

Compliance with four key standards from national standards for safer and better health care, with the themes of leadership, governance and management. Workforce; safe care and support. And human-centered care and support.

Wearing a mask

Dr. David Nabarro, UN Special Advisor on Covid-19 Repeated phone calls Anyone who qualifies for a booster vaccine can get it from HSE. He also warned people about gathering in crowded spaces.

Dr. Navarro said the United Nations did not support wearing compulsory masks in Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio because there were too many “pushbacks”.

He admitted that many people are still infected with the virus, but the majority are not seriously ill.

X Collapse of public wage negotiations, fatal accident in Laos, overcrowding of Limerick hospital

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