Commodities skyrocket, nickel up 30%, “Great Reset” approaching

Commodity prices soared as industry buyers and traders rushed to acquire raw materials confused by the conflict in Ukraine.

Nickel rose 30%, platinum broke records, gold exceeded $ 2,000 per ounce, and oil and wheat hit record highs for the first time in 14 years.

Commodity markets have been shaken by strong western sanctions on Russia, which could expand to include oil, as well as logistics problems that have hindered the movement of grain and metals from the region. rice field.

Jeffrey Harry, a senior analyst at online forex trading and brokerage firm OANDA, said: ..

Oil prices have risen after the United States and its European allies have said they are considering a ban on Russia’s oil imports.

Brent crude rose 17.8% to $ 139.13 a barrel, the highest level since July 2008’s high of $ 147.50.

Oil could reach $ 185 this year, according to JP Morgan analysts, but analysts at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. believe it could reach $ 180, causing a global recession. I am.

Concerns over oil bans have also pushed up European gas prices, reaching record highs.

How about wheat?

Chicago wheat futures rose more than 6% to their 14-year high. This is because traders were concerned about the impact of the Ukraine conflict on supply from Russia and Ukraine, the world’s largest wheat exporters.

Buyers are looking for alternative suppliers as Ukrainian ports remain closed and operators are hesitant to trade Russian wheat in the face of Western sanctions.

Russia and Ukraine contribute about 29% of the world’s wheat exports and 19% of the world’s corn exports.

“Great Reset” approach

The market recession over the last two decades has been like a mild rain, but the dire approaching supercycle, where the U.S. currency is challenged and our debt could actually be paid, is a pretty good cause of vigilance. And a financial meltdown that could lead to the world. Ironically, as Skybridge founder Anthony Scaramucci recently said, it’s time to act when the streets are bloody.

For the past two decades, while the Federal Reserve has prevented the market from falling, people have seen making big bucks in the market by simply picking stocks and putting money into them.

In short, we have humanly pulled ourselves out of the bank as much as possible. The world debt to GDP is 3: 1. Companies in poor financial condition were not only bid on, but even in the biggest financial situations, especially many companies we saw were bid on enthusiastic valuations that should never be available.

Weak men struggle and Western leadership is as weak as it comes. All decisions made by the Biden administration exacerbated these issues.

  • Close US pipeline and stop energy self-sufficiency.
  • Push Russia and stick it out.
  • Sanctions and Russia’s removal from the SWIFT.
  • Since more than 50% of oil comes from Russia, multiple NATO countries will suffer.
  • Wheat and agriculture are skyrocketing worldwide as Russia is a major fertilizer and grain exporter.

For an overview of Klaus Schwab, WEF, and the Great Reset, see the following threads.

You may have jumped into the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” earlier than expected.

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