Community begs for release from railroad crossing closures

Union of community groups representing thousands of households from Dublin To KildareUnited to oppose the planned closure of the € 1 billion railroad crossing Dirt + Westline..

Neighborhood Associations say the closure of six roads across the railway line between Connolly Station and Connolly Station MaynoothBreaks community links and provides extensive detours to access shops, schools and other services, endangering the delicate environment of the Royal Canal.

Plans to provide dirt train services west of Dublin through rail upgrades and electrification from city center to Maynooth Dumboin Submitted by Irish National Railways To Bord Pleanála This summer.

First announced 17 years ago, the project will double the number of trains along the line from 6 to 12 per hour and increase the number of passengers per hour from 5,000 to over 13,000 one way. Means

However, you need to close the 6 railroad crossings. Ashtown West from Dublin to Breakstown Leixlip At CoKildare.

The Dart West Community Coalition, an alliance of 10 residents’ groups, “fully supports” the Dart project, but does not require permanent road closures, leaving some communities separated from essential services. Said that it would be.

“Dart + West is a great project that is in great need and will be great for the community in the future, but it doesn’t take into account the journey that took place all day across the line,” the coalition said. With members Cool mine Resident Christine Moore..

The coalition is considering closing the intersection only when the Iarnród Railway is busy and hopes that the road will be available during off-peak hours.

“What we want is not just boxing practice, but meaningful talks with the Irish National Railways,” she said.

Barry Kenny, a spokesman for the Irish Railways, said extensive discussions have taken place and changes have already been made to the project. Community begs for release from railroad crossing closures

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