Commuters in France get 5 more days telework

Archive photo of Luxembourg Finance Minister Yuriko Vacquez

Photo credit: Jerry Huberty

Luxembourg has signed an agreement with France to increase the number of days that cross-border workers can work from home from 29 to 34 days

The new standards will apply from 1 January 2023 onwards, the finance ministry said in a press release issued on Saturday.

French politicians in the Lorraine region are pressuring Paris to give cross-border workers more options to work from home now that exemptions from strict rules related to the pandemic have ended. was

Before last week’s agreement, French residents working in Luxembourg risk paying taxes in both countries despite overcrowded roads and trains and workers generally less willing to go to office after the pandemic. I was able to telework for up to 29 days a year without having to work.

“We appreciate this long-awaited agreement by many employees and businesses, and it provides greater flexibility, especially in the area of ​​working from home,” Bucks said. The decision concerns her 117,000 workers who commute to Luxembourg from France, she said.

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