Companies use BBC products to build a digitally savvy Slovak army

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Three companies have been nominated as good partners in the community category.

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Four years after the telecommunications company Slovak Telekom received the Via Bona Award for being an excellent partner in the Slovak community, it could receive the same award again.

In 2018, we were honored for long-term support for the hearing-impaired and hearing-impaired community through the Looking for Another Sense project. Two years later, we will launch an initiative focused on digital skills, which could bring Slovakia Telecom a second victory.

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Articles continue after video ads

But the competition is fierce.Organize the Pontis Foundation Via Bonus Slovakia Award Fifteen companies have submitted projects to Good Partners in the Community category to shed light on companies where responsible entrepreneurship and corporate philanthropy are important. Each tells a different story about how these companies have thoughtfully, purposefully and continuously supported communities across the country.

“I really like the Generali Insurance Company’s project, Learning For Life, which aims to help underprivileged families and reduce poverty through family education,” said Tatiana, Social Affairs Bureau, Bratislava City Hall.・ Ambassador Sedrakova said. The company sponsors several childbirth and family centers around Slovakia.

Although the war in Ukraine seems to dominate public discourse, Sedláková believes that it is of utmost importance to remember the deprived Slovak family.

She is grateful for several other initiatives, including the fairly new Winter Will Not Hurt Statues project by Slovenská Sporiteľňa Bank. We hope to reduce the number of people sleeping wildly on the streets of Bratislava. Sedláková also quoted Billa’s Breadwinner project, which started in 2018. Retail chains support single parents who are struggling with money from selling bread.

However, none of these companies reached the top three competing for this year’s award.

In addition to Slovak Telekom, energy supplier Slovenské Elektrárne and retail chain Kaufland were among the finalists. Therefore, this year’s award-winning projects and companies are born out of projects that bring the importance of ecological solutions, fresh fruits and vegetables for primary school, and digital literacy to the forefront.

Sedláková argued that a project to help people in need should have been on the list of candidates this year. She would have been betting on a Slovak Telecom project for three nominations. It has the strongest social aspect of all three projects to win the award.

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