Conference League: Krustev’s 95th-minute goal smashes Sparta’s heroic play

Hamlan S. Levski Sofia 0-1

Hamrun S: H. Bonero, S. Borg, M. Guillaume, E. Masike (I. Nederkovic 68′), J. Soares (B. Domingos 82′), R. Pursa (L. Montebello 82′), O. Bjelicic, J. Corbalan (K. Micallef 88′), Jonny (M. Sowe 68′), E. Marcelina, R. Camenzuli

Levski Sofia: N. Mikhailov, J. Petris, K. van der Kapp, W de Freitas, G. Milanov (I. Stefanov 79′), W. De Melo, R. Dos Santos (M. Petkov 78′), B Bari (A. Kraev 80′), N. Sundberg, F. Krastev, J. Chambers

Referee: Willy Dillaod (France)

Hamlan’s European dreams were practically dashed yesterday when Levski Sofia scored the winner in the 95th minute at Ta Kali.

It was a heartbreaking moment for the Spartans, who certainly didn’t deserve to leave the pitch on the losing side.

It was followed by large numbers of loyal supporters who packed both sides of the main stand. The Spartans went all out and were in no way inferior to the more experienced teams on the European field.

The match was very balanced in the first half and the Spartans were definitely the better team in the second half. Later in the game, Levski got the upper hand as the Spartans looked tired and seconds from the final whistle Levski found the winner.

After the match, coach Branko Nisević and star midfielder Matthieu Guillaumet said they would give everything in Sofia to turn the score around.

It will certainly be an uphill battle for the Spartans, who need a five-star performance and the luck they certainly lacked at Ta’ Qali yesterday.

A difficult start for the Spartans saw Levski awarded a controversial penalty in the second minute, but from the spot Krustev sent Bonello the wrong way and his shot was stopped by the uprights.

In the 29th minute, Levski goalkeeper Mihailov successfully saved Soares, and a few minutes later the same Mihailov blocked a Plisa free-kick.

Hamlan took full control in the second half and missed the best chance of the game when Johnny passed towards the final phase of the match

With Levski taking the initiative, Hamlan lost their cool and found the winner in the 95th minute when Stefanov’s shot was diverted by a Hamlan defender with Krustev’s pass home from an ideal position. .

Photo Domenic Aquilina Conference League: Krustev’s 95th-minute goal smashes Sparta’s heroic play

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