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NASSAU, Bahamas — Prime Minister Philip Davis has said the settlement agreement is being kept confidential as it concerns sensitive issues that may be related to ongoing or potential lawsuits.

Last year, the Office of the Attorney General signed a confidential settlement agreement with Treasury Secretary Simon Wilson, Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander, and Deputy Commissioner Lemond Delvaux. A former chairman of Bahamas Power & Light, he expects impending agreements with Darnell Osborne and other former board members to also be classified.

Critics, including Free Peoples Movement leader Michael Pintard, say the public deserves to know how the money is spent, especially when it’s awarded to people in public service. .

Prime Minister Philip Davis

In his first public comment on the matter, Davis told reporters yesterday:

“There are some issues that we have filed lawsuits against the government because of the actions of the previous administration. The ability to reconcile people will be resolved.

“Therefore, we do not intend to disclose these matters at this time, but the records will eventually reveal that we have access to that information, and we will.

Lawyers for Wilson, Fernander and Delvaux say their contracts with clients include confidentiality clauses, raising questions about how the ruling will be made public.

Confidentiality clauses have been a feature of many contracts over the years and there is no history of them being published.

In July, Pintard said the public interest would be better served if the awards were made public.

he said: As a government, we may have a moral imperative because the facts are so clear and the previous administration was so brazen in its politics that we decided this should be resolved. “

“That’s fine, but at least explain it to the public so they can understand why. And when you decide to solve it, it’s not the right thing to do. I haven’t sat in a chair for four years.” There may be extenuating circumstances to discover under FNM, but from what I’ve seen, when there were issues resolved privately with public officials, there were no justifications under FNM. not and is currently unjustified.”

Pintard continues:

“Because that person is in a sensitive position, you appoint them, and the amount you usually give someone who is facing a grievance with the previous administration is not the same as a similar settlement in that or a similar jurisdiction. , the public can speculate as to whether this is a legitimate settlement or whether this is payment for future services.” Confidential Settlement Agreement May Be Ultimately Exposed – Eye Witness News

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