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Congress approves prints, amendments to audiovisual law

In its second deliberations, Kuwait’s parliament on Thursday approved a bill to amend some provisions of the Printing and Publishing Act. Of the 50 attendees, only one voted against the law, 47 agreed with the amendment, and the other two declined. The amendment reduces the prohibitions from 11 to 5, the law violates public order and morals, discloses confidentiality and prejudice against people’s dignity and their religious beliefs, defends or incites contempt for any group of society, and harms Kuwaiti relations. Is being prevented. With other Arab countries and friendly countries. The amendments have reduced the value of infringing Amir authorities’ fines for less than 10,000 KD ($ 33,000).

Also on Thursday, Congress approved a bill in a second deliberation on amending some provisions of the Audiovisual Media Act, including the protection of individual rights and their freedoms. Approximately 52 of the 55 attendees of the session voted in favor of the amendment, one disapproved and two abstained. Parliament began the session by discussing the Parliamentary Commission’s report on education, culture, and leadership issues on a bill that amends some provisions of Act 61/2007 on Audiovisual Media.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/assembly-approves-amendments-on-print-audio-visual-laws/ Congress approves prints, amendments to audiovisual law

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