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Congress ‘charge sheet’ laments Telangana’s health, attacks BRS

Hyderabad: The Telangana parliament on Saturday argued that the health and family welfare sector was flooded with chronic diseases under the leadership of Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

As part of its Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyan, state opposition parties focused on the ruling party’s “broken promises” and the situation in state hospitals in a second “charge sheet” against the BRS government. Saturday.

Sixteen ‘Charge Sheets’ were presented by Alleti Maheshwar Reddy, Chair of the AICC Program Implementation Committee, and colleagues K Madan Mohan Rao and Palvai Sravanthi.

Even after a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives around the world, governments have been accused of lacking resources, personnel and medicines.

Maheshwar Reddy delved into the Prime Minister saying that Telangana only has 1 doctor in 2 million but needs 1 doctor in 1,000. Additionally, he said the state government has allocated only 4.4% of his budget allocation to the health sector, as opposed to his 8%, which is the national recommendation.

The parliamentary leader further said the BRS had committed to building a 30-bed hospital at the Mandal level, a 100-bed hospital at the parliamentary constituency level and a super-specialty hospital at the district level. “But this promise has not yet been fulfilled,” he said.

“Doctors are no longer available in rural areas because the BRS government has abolished the rule that doctors should stay in the area. Moreover, shortages of medicines continue to burden health centers,” said Maheshwar Reddy. said.

He also said health cards issued to the poor and journalists were not working.

https://www.siasat.com/congress-chargesheet-laments-state-of-health-in-telangana-attacks-brs-2513311/ Congress ‘charge sheet’ laments Telangana’s health, attacks BRS

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