Congressman John Curtis reacts to primary election debate at a school in Texas

Congressman John Curtiss and challenger Chris Herrod will face off at a Republican debate on Friday prior to the third parliamentary primary.

Congressman John Curtiss and challenger Chris Herrod will face off at a Republican debate on Friday prior to the third parliamentary primary.

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At a major Utah GOP debate on Friday, two Republican candidates for the Third District Parliamentary Race responded to a recent shooting at Texas Elementary School, which killed 19 students and two teachers.

Republican challenger Chris Herrod made a closing remark at a debate with incumbent John Curtiss on Friday night. In another question, Curtis wondered why his anger at school shootings did not match his anger at the lives lost by abortion.

In a Republican debate on the BYU campus, Herod and Curtis touched on issues such as education reform, spending, tech, the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case, borders, and gun regulation in the aftermath of Texas school shootings.

Both answered the final question from Utah GOP Chair Carson Jorgensen, the moderator of the debate, on how to keep children safe from shooting at school, “while maintaining the second amendment.” ..

“It’s most important now because we let people know that we love them,” Herod said of the school’s murder. “Our children have been traumatized for the past two years and we talk about death in different ways, but I think it’s important to let them know that we love them. But you need to know that kids don’t have a safer place than in school in the United States. “

Herrod admitted that it does not bring comfort to those who have lost their loved ones in violence.

“Unfortunately, you’ve already seen the story of guns (regulations). It seems that one side is mainly using it, but it’s tragic,” he said. “I see what happened in Ukraine and there is a reason for the Constitutional Amendment Article 2. My position on the Constitutional Amendment Article 2 has not changed, but I love those children. Make sure you are. To those children for protection and singleness (school entrance). “

As Curtis talked about his support for the Supreme Court, it could overturn the Roe v. Wade case. Leakage of draft opinion written by Judge Samuel AlitoHe made an analogy between the lives lost by abortion and the lives of children lost in this week’s shooting in Texas.

“I strongly support the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case,” he said. “It’s probably not a fair comparison, but for the past few days I’ve found the irony and attention of these kids killed at school. Naturally, they are. Be rude to them. Why did these other children (who lost the abortion) not get the same attention and lost their lives? “

Curtis, the former mayor of Provo, who defeated Herod in the 2017 Republican primary to fill a vacancy by former MP Jason Chefets, said in the 2018 primary, “We’re this. I made so many mistakes in shooting. ”From security revocation to tactical response to overlooking a young man“ at the edge ”.

“I think it’s very important for us to see these issues in so many layers,” Curtis said. This is a total problem, not a quick gun repair. I think we all need to be involved in this and admit that there was a family collapse. The church, we have experienced the collapse of the community that made this kind of thing possible. “

Curtis said the Republicans are willing to look for an answer. “I’ve done a lot of things, such as strengthening background checks during my tenure. Unless I check all these layers, I won’t stop (these shoots won’t happen).”

Mr. Herrod himself is a candidate for primary election voters to draw a line between himself and two Utah Republicans, Senator Mitt Romney and Governor Spencer Cox, to match former President Donald Trump. Said that casting would make the decision easier.

“The Republican Party has two different wings,” he said. “If you are Collaboration with Mitt Romney And Spencer Cox, then I’m probably not your man. “

“We believe we are in a critical time in the United States,” Helod said. “We have little time to fix things. If we don’t fix them quickly, our country will collapse. I oppose the critical racial theory in this race and it The only candidate who is willing to oppose. Black Lives Matter criticized it as the origin of Marxism, but the real war against women allowed men to participate in (girl’s) sports. I am happy to say that I am.

“If we don’t stand up now, there’s no country …. We have to teach our children that America is good. A country that has brought so many different races, cultures and religions. No other in the world. Together relatively peacefully like the United States …. If we don’t have the America First agenda, we won’t survive. “

The debate, partially sponsored by the University Republican Party and the Young Republican Party, was conducted by the Utah Debate Committee, which is independent of the state Republican Party. Can’t reach an agreement Co-sponsor a debate. Instead, the Utah GOP planned its own debate in two parliamentary races and a US Senate race.

The The Utah Debate Committee will hold the debate For four parliamentary races as well as next week’s Senate race. Only one incumbent Republican will participate during each discussion. That is, the challenger goes on stage alone or with another challenger in the case of a Senate race.

The Utah primary will be held on June 28th.

contribution: Dennis Romboy

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