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Congressman scrutinizes the handling of playing cards in the White House record

The US Congressional Commission has investigated the handling of White House records, including whether it contains sensitive information, after former President Donald Trump transferred 15 boxes of documents from a Florida resort to a federal agency. The panel chair said yesterday.
In a statement, House Oversight Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney was “deeply concerned” that records were not immediately handed over to the National Archives when Trump’s term ended in January 2021. Said. A house that violates the Presidential Records Act. “
Democrat Maloney also expressed concern that Mr. Trump had “repeatedly attempted to destroy the president’s record” of the law, which required the preservation of written communications related to the president’s official duties.
The next book, written by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, said staff found documents clogging the White House’s Trump toilet during his tenure.
“White House staff regularly found the toilet clogged,” and then in his bathroom, “wet prints with notes or other chunks of paper that they believe he threw into the toilet. He found a “lump of paper”, Harbourman told CNN, adding that it was unclear what kind of document was found.
Trump’s shredding of many previously accepted norms of presidential etiquette was part of his populist appeal to Republican supporters.
In his statement, Trump admitted that a box of records was sent to the archive after a discussion he called collaborative work.
Mr. Trump said he was said to be “not obliged” to hand over the White House materials, but it was not clear who gave him the instructions, which is inconsistent with the law.
“The dissertation was given easily, without conflict, and very friendly,” Trump said.
The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the National Archives and Records Administration, the federal agency responsible for the preservation of government records, has requested the US Department of Justice to investigate the handling of Trump in White House records.
The Justice Department did not respond to requests for comment on whether to investigate.
The National Archives said it would not comment on potential or ongoing investigations.
Archives said on Monday that it had arranged the transfer of 15 boxes of notes, letters and other documents from Trump’s private resort in Florida in mid-January, a month after Trump’s representative reported finding them. rice field.
The document contained an official letter with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the “love letter” that Trump described at the time.
The Archives also said it worked with Trump representatives throughout the year to find the president’s record that was not transferred to government agencies.
Mr Maloney said he asked the Archives if he had checked and found confidential documents in 15 boxes, if he knew of any other missing records from the Trump administration, and if he had notified the US Attorney General.
She also asked if the archives knew records destroyed by Trump without approval, and actions to recover or preserve them, and gave the agency to respond until February 18.
Under the Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, passed in response to the Watergate scandal, the President of the United States must forward all emails, letters, and other work documents to the National Archives.

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