Continue cooperation in Hungary, Egypt, transportation and military industry

Hungary and Egypt will continue to cooperate in transportation and seek to expand military and industrial cooperation, said Laszlo Parkovich, Minister of Technology and Industry, after the meeting in Cairo on Monday.

Palkovics and Kamel al-Wazir, Egypt’s transport minister, agreed on the growing importance of railways and electrified rail infrastructure powered by solar panels, as well as the potential involvement of Hungarian businesses in related projects. He added that he couldn’t.

Hungary is participating in the delivery of 1,300 rolling stock to Egypt, and other opportunities may arise in Hungary, a North African country, Parkovich told MTI over the phone.

Tourism is Egypt’s main source of revenue, Parkovich said, adding that the two countries were interested in Wizz Air launching a new flight to Egypt, adding that Egypt’s partners were Hungarian low-cost carriers. Requested to remove administrative and financial obstacles to expansion.

The Minister also emphasized new areas of the bilateral military-industrial complex.パルコビッチ氏によると、エジプトの軍事生産担当大臣が今後数か月以内にハンガリーを訪問する予定であるため、ハンガリーとエジプトは間もなくこれらの機会について話し合う予定である。

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sauce: MTI Continue cooperation in Hungary, Egypt, transportation and military industry

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