Continued operation of alcohol detector in Puerto Vallarta

This weekend, two “Saving Lives” drinking detectors were operated at random locations in the city to ensure the safety of Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors.

On Friday, it was installed at Calle Politécnico Nacional and Avenida México, with a total of nine tests applied, eight for men, one for women, six negative and three positive.

Of the three positive tests, one offender decided to pay a fine on the spot. During the operation, police officers detected three motorcycles that circulated irregularly. These motorcycles were sent to Coralon for various violations.

The element prepared a total of 28 tickets for rule violations, three for drunk driving and the rest for various violations.

On Saturday, the operation was set up at the intersection of Las Americas and Francisco Medina Asensio Avenue. In action, officers conducted a total of 26 tests on drivers, of which 10 were positive and 16 were negative.

A total of 14 tickets were prepared, 10 for breathing alcohol and 4 for various violations of the city’s traffic regulations.

These actions are primarily aimed at raising public awareness in order to avoid drunk driving and prevent accidents that can have fatal consequences.

In order to keep the incidence of traffic accidents caused by drinking alcohol set by Professor Louise Michel, we will carry out at random on weekends and other days. Continued operation of alcohol detector in Puerto Vallarta

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