Controversy over ‘neo-fascist’ tattoos on Ligue 1 Bologna chief

(ANSA) – ROME, 5 October – Controversy has erupted in Italy over the alleged neo-fascist tattoo on the arm of Bologna’s new party leader, Cristiano Di Martino.
The tattoo is a runic symbol used by the SS and banned in Germany, a wolf tooth under a fist holding a hammer.
It was a symbol of the subversive neo-fascist group Terza Posizione (Third Position), which operated in Italy during the lead years of left- and right-wing terrorism in the 1970s and 80s.
Di Martino told the Corriere di Bologna newspaper, “I was never part of that group. I got that tattoo when I was young.
“When I was 16, I didn’t even know who Terza Pozione was,” he said, adding of the fist holding the hammer, “I’ve always been a fan of comics and I love Thor.” “.
“There’s a[neo-fascist]Celtic cross secretary around and I have to be crucified because of the tattoo I got in 1986?” There was no ”
Born in Rome, Di Martino has been in Emilia-Romagna since 2010, and was once a state legislator for the center-right People’s Freedom (PDL) party led by Silvio Berlusconi in Ferrara.
In that capacity, in 2011 he took part in an event promoted by the far-right group Casa Pound along with Terza Pozione founding member Gabriele Adinolfi.
Another former Terza Pozione member, Luigi Ciavaldini, was one of the neo-fascist terrorists convicted in the August 2, 1980 Bologna train station bombing, which left 85 dead and 200 injured. injured.
Paolo Bologna, president of the Association of Relatives of Victims of the Massacre, said on Wednesday, “He (Di Martino) was able to get rid of it. It’s not good for Bologna. I’m surprised.” It’s a time when all kinds of things can be justified.”
“Anyone in politics should know what Terza Pozione is and what its symbols are. It’s not a good gesture.”

The centre-left mayor of Bologna, Democrat (PD) Matteo Lepore, said: “(League leader Matteo) Salvini has decided to leave his party because too many fascists pretend to be idiots. I think it has to be cleaned up.
“Everything fascist disgusts me”.


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