Convicted rapist wanted in Bulgaria released from arrest after prosecution blunder

The judge ruled that Bulgarian authorities wanted him to serve a three-year prison sentence for rape, considering that the Attorney General’s Office had failed to make the necessary travel arrangements to return him within 10 days. ordered the release of the man who was the date specified by law.

Tencho Gospodinov Tenev, 47, from Jabal, was arrested in Malta last May after a European arrest warrant for the Schengen Information System warning and Tenes’ arrest was issued by Bulgarian prosecutors in July 2020. .

Tenneth hopes to serve a three-year prison sentence in his home country after being convicted of rape in 2013.

A magistrate’s court ordered his return to Bulgaria in May, but Tenes appealed the order. The appeal was dismissed in July, after which a 10-day legal period began for the man’s repatriation arrangements.

However, on the last day of that period, 4 August, the AG submitted an urgent application for an extension of the ten-day period, arguing that the Bulgarian authorities lacked the manpower to escort the accused. This is because it was difficult to obtain permission. Take a connecting flight.

The AG has submitted that it allows the law to grant an extension if the delay in the return of the requested person is the result of factors outside the control of the Maltese authorities.

However, the men’s attorneys, Roberto Montalto and Roberto Spiteri, argued that it would be unfair for the Maltese authorities to only inform them of these issues at the last minute.

They demanded Tenev’s release from arrest, given that the ten-day period had expired.

In a ruling handed down today by Judge Aaron Bugeja, the court ordered Teneff’s immediate release from custody, ruling that it was “the full obligation and within the control of the requesting country and Malta.” If the requested person is made, travel arrangements for sending him back will be made in advance so that the requested person’s delivery takes place within the legal time limit.

Teneff was released from prison this afternoon, but despite the court’s release order there were no legal obstacles preventing Maltese authorities from re-arresting the man and starting the proceedings anew, legal sources said. has confirmed. Convicted rapist wanted in Bulgaria released from arrest after prosecution blunder

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