‘Cool weekend with turbulence,’ says forecaster

(ANSA) – ROME, Sept 2 – Italy will see a ‘turbulent and cool’ weekend with widespread thunderstorms in northern and central Italy thanks to fall’s first Atlantic front, forecasters say said Friday.

However, the weather in the south will remain stable and sunny, said Antonio Sano, director and founder of the website

Sunny and warm conditions will return to the central and northern regions from Monday, Sano said.

A scattered storm hits the northwestern and Tyrrhenian regions on Saturday and will move to the rest of the center on Sunday, he said.

However, there will be plenty of sunshine in bad weather.

In contrast, temperatures will rise over the weekend in the South.

A hot Algerian air current hits Italy from Sunday and will spread across Italy from the south next week.

According to Sano, summer will return in all its sunbathing and sultry glory starting September 5th.

There are peaks at 37-39 °C in Sicily, 35 °C in the south and 33-34 °C in the center.

Temperatures are starting to rise again in the north, but the shorter days mean less heating each day, Sano said.

Detailed forecast: – Friday 2nd: North: Sunny, worsening in the afternoon for Piedmont. Center: Patchy clouds. South: Clear skies and warmer temperatures.

– Saturday 3rd: North: Rain and storms especially in the northwest, rain in the northeast in the evening. CENTRAL: Worse in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, worse at night in Lazio. South: Sunny, warmer.

– Sunday 4th: North: Morning fog in the Po valley, then mostly clear. Center: Heavy rains in the Tyrrhenian region, changes in other regions. South: Unstable in Campania and Apennines.

Outlook: Clear skies almost everywhere early next week. In the far south, the African heat will be 37-39 °C, and the heat will also increase in the central and northern parts. (ANSA).

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