Cooperating defendant Mako has removed some charges

According to police, Mako did not commit the crime and worked with investigators in purgatory and other major cases.

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Two charges have been dropped against the former head of the financial bureau’s criminal office Ľudovít Makó, commonly known as a major witness to corruption cases involving high-ranking government officials and police officers.

Mako, who was part of a sophisticated corruption program explained to police, has worked with investigators to testify in many well-known corruption cases, including: Jail This includes accusations against the president of the former police corps.

Investigators have withdrawn charges against Mako, according to a resolution signed by Prosecutor Michal Shrek of the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Small businesses reported daily..

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Prosecutors explained that Mako’s cooperation helped the perpetrators move forward with the major cases that were subsequently given valid judgments. He continues to work with criminal prosecutors, so unless he is the organizer of a criminal activity, he can be exempt from prosecution. According to the prosecutor, this is not the case with Mako.

“It must be said that it is thanks to Mako’s criminal prosecution and testimony that the criminal prosecutor’s office is aware of the above-mentioned corruption acts, other corruption acts, and acts that are legally classified as founding. .. […] The criminal group and the crimes committed by it, “said prosecutor Shrek.

Dropped charges

Mako was charged with (and admitted) accusations of receiving bribes from a group of businessmen, including Frantisekbeem, a former Slovak intelligence service (SIS) intelligence agency.

Another case in which Mako was no longer prosecuted was to rent an office for the Criminal Department of the Financial Management Service in Prešov, where he was leading at the time. Entrepreneur Štefan Poláček was signed without a legitimate bid. Police believed that Polachek had paid a bribe of € 100,000 to financial authorities, based on Mako’s testimony, Sume reported.

Mako’s involvement in well-known corruption

Mako’s arrest in 2020 turned out to be a breakthrough success for the purgatory team He soon began working with investigators. He testified to influential people such as Norbert Bödör of the oligarch, Tibor Gašpar, a former police chief, and Dušan Kováčik, a former special counsel. Convicted of corruption and sentenced to imprisonment..

Mako said he received a bribe of € 100,000, gave half to Kovachik, and split the other half into himself and Frantisek Böhm, a former Slovak intelligence service (SIS) intelligence agency. The latter was also arrested by the police, but committed suicide after the arrest. Baume confessed before his death.

Mako collaborated with what the prosecution had previously described as an organized group operating within the structure of the state under the Smar government led by Robert Fico.Prosecutor Twilight case Robert Kaliňák, a former Interior Minister of Fico and Smer, claims to have been aware of and involved in the activities of the criminal group, also based on Makó’s testimony.

Mako is allegedly involved in bribeing a former director of an intelligence agencySme Rodina nominee Vladimír Pčolinský, and one of the wealthiest people in Slovakia, lawyer Zoroslav Kollár, Convicted of bribe After confessing. Corral spoke with journalists following Pucholinsky’s official confession, claiming that he had never met Pucholinsky and that he did not know what had happened to the money given to Mako. Cooperating defendant Mako has removed some charges

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