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Cooperative or supermarket?Shoppers talk about their favorite shopping options

Ben Garcia

Kuwait: In Kuwait, there are several options available to shoppers, from semi-government co-operatives to private-owned supermarkets. The Kuwait Times asked some shoppers whether they would shop in a co-operative or in a commercial supermarket. Some shop at a specific location that is convenient, while others choose a store based on taste, promotion, lottery, or cheaper price.

“I tried shopping at the grocery store, but I didn’t like it because I felt uncomfortable in a crowded place. I like co-operatives where you can find fresh vegetables and fruits,” said Farrer, an Arab shopper. Told. But friendliness is the number one reason people prefer to shop in co-operatives. “I don’t want to go where I have to scan every product before I find what I want. I hate walking around. I want to find my product quickly, but I can only trust the co-operative for that.” She says.

If you are looking for promotions and cheaper prices, supermarkets and hypermarkets are the place to be. “I like shopping in hypermarkets. I go to almost every supermarket that offers discounts. Due to the limited number of products, I don’t often co-operative in hypermarkets. A variety of products are available at discounted prices, “said Bai Intan Alcalaf, who was shopping at the co-operative.

Marilyn goes shopping in the supermarket looking for a chance to win the raffle lottery. “When one of the oldest supermarkets opened in Schweik in 2000, I was obsessed with shopping there with my husband almost every day in search of a chance to win with a raffle. Thank God. , At least I won the TV, but that was it. I shopped there until it closed in 2017 and moved to a new location, “she said.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/co-ops-or-supermarkets-shoppers-talk-their-preferred-shopping-choice/ Cooperative or supermarket?Shoppers talk about their favorite shopping options

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