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Cops congratulate the car driver for his honesty

HIderabad: On Tuesday, Langerhaus police kidnapped a car driver who returned a bag of 10 torus gold. It turned out that their purse was missing and was stored in a gas tank.

Soon the couple filed a complaint with Langerhaus police, whose police team was commissioned. Meanwhile, car driver Syed Zaker found a purse near pillar 55, opened the bag and found a gold ornament along with a receipt for one invoice.

Immediately he called the phone number on the invoice and handed him a bag with about 10 Tula gold ornaments.

The car driver, Syed Zaker, was also helped by the police and his wife. He was also properly rewarded.

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-cops-felicitate-auto-driver-for-his-honesty-2272209/ Cops congratulate the car driver for his honesty

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