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With a special program of € 5 million, Berlin wants to help universities deal with corona-related deficits.

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Students give lectures in the auditorium.

As the Senate’s Department of Science, Health, Care and Equality announced on Friday, university-funded measures and initiatives are aimed at combating dropouts and extended research time. Therefore, the university can submit the application until the end of May.

Behind this is that pandemics have a negative impact on both students and teachers in terms of learning performance and skill acquisition. For example, many students have taken fewer modules and exams. Despite the digital continuation of education and exams, not all courses and exams are fully available at some universities and practice-oriented learning courses.

Armagan Nagipur, Vice-Minister for Higher Education, Research and Gender Equality, said the pandemic caused great difficulty for many students, especially at the beginning of their research. “They had little opportunity to experience the university campus as a place of exchange, learning and unity,” he said, as the University of Berlin has already promised to catch up. “The special program wants to support them with this, specifically, we offer offers that directly benefit students,” says Naghipour.

For example, one focus is on tutorials, student counseling, or mentoring programs. In addition, it should be possible to tentatively expand exam capacity, supplement canceled courses, and create additional educational opportunities.

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Date of issue: May 13, 2022

Last updated: May 13, 2022

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