“Cotti” police station planned for 200 square meters –

The new police station at the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg is planned to be a large and bright facility that will serve as a contact point for the entire neighborhood.

The police station has about 210 square meters of space allocated, Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) told the Interior Commission on Monday (April 4, 2022). Due to the location, there was no such large room on the ground or in the subway station where everything was already rented. Therefore, Spranger talked about a room on the ground floor in one of the surrounding buildings. Skyscrapers, partly above Adalbert sraße, are being discussed.

A police station opened in response to the requests of local residents and businessmen

Spranger mobilized against police stations for several weeks, rejecting criticism and hostility from left- and extreme left-wing protesters who organized protests on Sunday (April 3, 2022). Senator talked about the Kottbusser garbage problem and the dark areas of the region where crimes such as robbery, scuffles, pickpockets and drug trafficking took place. “The locals are affected by this every day,” Spranger said. She went on to say that the local police station had long been a big desire of local residents and business owners.

Location of 20 staff in the new police station

“The new police station must be a bright place where people can go talk to police officers,” Senator emphasized. There are 20 recruiting jobs at the station, and there are already “many applications”. It is already known that the police station will probably not operate until 2023. The budget includes a rent of € 50,000 per year. Initially it will cost about 250,000 euros to set up a police station. Additional video surveillance is also planned.

Author: dpa

Date of issue: 4. April 2022

Last updated: 4. April 2022 “Cotti” police station planned for 200 square meters –

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