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The husband and wife, reported missing on March 8, were found dead in their car on March 14 at the bottom of a 30-meter-deep gorge in the mountains of Nantou County. it was done. .

A retired middle-aged couple named Chen reportedly left their home in Changhua County for a drive to the scenic area of ​​Nantou County on Sunday, March 5. , the family reported missing.

Police used telecommunications information to find the last cell phone signal from a base station in Qilintan, Lugu Township. Police and firefighters conducted a multi-day search.

Yesterday, March 14, a tea plantation owner noticed suspicious tire marks on his tea plantation and after reviewing surveillance footage, found a silver van matching the description of the missing couple’s car. identified. A search of the narrow road leading to the farm found evidence that the car had gone over the edge of the road.

A sign that the vehicle has crossed the edge of the road. Photo: Nantou County Fire Station.

After rappelling down a 30-meter slope, search and rescue workers found the car flipped over and badly damaged. The couple were found dead with obvious signs of trauma.

Police suspect the Chen family accidentally found themselves on a narrow road while following satellite navigation and the car slid over the edge while the driver was trying to turn it around. .

A preliminary investigation found that the couple were not wearing seatbelts. It is unclear whether the couple died in the crash or survived but were unable to seek help.

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