Court sends former Minister Kaliňák to pretrial custody

Smer leader Robert Fico may also face detention, and he expressed concern in a letter to leaders in EU countries.

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Former Interior Minister Robert Kalyak should be detained before the hearing, the Professional Criminal Court ruled on Saturday.

Therefore, Judge Miloslav Mazzucci of the Professional Criminal Court responded to the prosecutor’s request for pretrial custody of Kalyak, fearing that a large indictment could affect witnesses. .. Kaliňák has appealed the decision and his proceedings will be heard by the Supreme Court. Sme reported daily..

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Kaliňák, the former right-hand man of Smer leader Robert Fico, has been accused of establishing criminal groups, abusing civil servant authority and endangering tax secrets. Like lawyer Marek Para and members of the Slovak Intelligence Services (SIS) intelligence agency, Fico was also charged in this case.

The prosecutor also demanded custody of Para, and the court is expected to decide on Sunday, Sume wrote.

Fico and Kaliňák are codenamed Súmrak (Twilight)), Police are the top smart politicians Očistec (purgatory) case..

on friday, Deputy Special Counsel Ladislav Masár demands Fico’s custody In the same way. However, because Fico is a member of parliament, this involves a more complex process. Therefore, Congress must first approve the storage request. This will happen early next week. Most of the ruling coalition members have already stated that they support the motion.

Fico and Kaliňák denied all claims. The Smer parties claim that the proceedings against them were created as a way to persecute opponents. Smer leaders sent an open letter to the European Commission on Saturday before their parliamentarians “explain what is happening in Slovakia at these moments” before a decision on Kaliňák’s custody is made. Notified that it will be sent to.

Fico also said he had sent letters to the head of state and the government explaining recent events. “The reaction surprised me. I’ve called about seven times so far,” Fico said at a press conference Saturday afternoon, as quoted by TASR Newswire. He accused the ruling coalition of trying to eliminate those who were in the way. He also said he had no doubt that Congress was trying to approve the detention request. Court sends former Minister Kaliňák to pretrial custody

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