Court sentenced eight people for illegal dogfight

On Wednesday, the Nyíregyháza district court sentenced eight people to six months to a year in prison and fines for organizing an illegal dogfight.

Zoltán Gunyecz, head of the Criminal Assembly of the Nyíregyhaza Court, said: MTI The first criminal case was filed against defendants for organizing illegal animal fighting and cruelty, with the second, fourth and fifth defendants imprisoned for three years and the third defendant eight? I was sentenced to a month’s imprisonment. Same price.

The sixth defendant in this case was sentenced to two years in prison and six months in prison for organizing an illegal dogfight as an accomplice and as an adjunct to animal cruelty. The seventh defendant was sentenced to three years of probation for the same crime, and the eighth defendant was fined 750,000 HUF (€ 1,800) for organizing illegal animal fighting and cruelty as an accomplice. rice field.

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Defendants raised and trained dogs for combat. Animals ran on special treadmills, kept in short, especially thick and heavy chains, and tested in unrated animal battles with other dogs. Malnutrition, leanness, and poor general condition due to dehydration can themselves permanently damage the health and death of animals, Zoltan Gunjech said.

Most of the accused knew each other from the dog circle, and in addition to participating in animal fights with dogs, they regularly organized them and agreed in advance on the details. For example, at the Animal Battle on November 28, 2020, a sixth defendant arrived as a spectator, but was to refer to the second match during the Animal Battle. The second defendant was regularly assisted in caring for a dog trained and raised by his younger brother, and the third defendant also knew that the dog was kept for the fight against animals. Supported by.

The prosecution and some defendants and their lawyers were given three days to think about the case, so the judgment is not final.

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