Court upholds Thessaloniki surgeon’s life imprisonment for patient death

A mixed jury court in Thessaloniki sentenced a resident vascular surgeon to life imprisonment on Tuesday for murdering a female patient in Thessaloniki in northern Greece and then dumping her body in the woods.

The court unanimously ruled that a 43-year-old man was guilty of “intentional murder, murder by omission” without being aware of the mitigation factors. After the sentence, the accused returned to prison.

Three 36-year-old mothers visited Ippokrateio Hospital for scheduled surgery to remove varicose veins. According to her case file, the surgeon led her to an abandoned section of the hospital, where he administered two powerful anesthetics that were not needed for her surgery. The anesthetic seems to have caused her respiratory problems and killed her. Instead of asking for help, the accused loaded a 36-year-old child into the trunk of a car, took him to the Halkidiki area, and threw himself off a cliff found a few days later.

Authorities suspected the surgeon from the start of the investigation because he was the last person to meet the victim. Police investigators in the case testified about numerous phone calls and messages between the doctor and his patient, adding that her DNA was found in the trunk of a 39-year-old car. They also found that the GPS on his cell phone recorded the entire route from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki.

The judge in the first trial also heard from the victim’s husband. He claimed to have been over-interested in the two mothers, 36, who the doctor described as “a charming woman with her head turned.” On his side, the surgeon claimed that her death was due to a “malpractice” and that she did not intend to kill her.

In the same case, the administrative court in Thessaloniki provided compensation for relatives of mental distress amounting to € 700,000. Court upholds Thessaloniki surgeon’s life imprisonment for patient death

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