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Covid-19: Dubai schools can move to 48 hours distance learning without prior approval

Schools throughout Dubai are allowed to move classes, grades, or the entire campus to distance learning without prior approval. If students / staff test positive for Covid-19, the Emirate Education Regulatory Authority, the Department of Knowledge and Human Development, states. ..

“Schools are trusted to constantly protect the health and safety of their students and staff. With existing procedures, school leaders can cover classes, grade / year levels, or the entire school without prior approval. We can move to distance learning of time. We work closely with school leaders to help students and staff return to a safe school environment, “KHDA said in the FAQ section of the website. I am saying.

KHDA added that all students over the age of 6 and all adults in school must continue to wear masks properly according to safety protocols.

In addition, regulators explained that as a precautionary measure, all travel, events, and internal meetings such as meetings and performances, including physical education classes, should be put on hold. Extracurricular activities performed at school during or after school hours should also be temporarily abolished. The cafeteria and dining room also need to be closed.

The United Arab Emirates has recently recorded an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19. National health officials reported 2,708 infections on January 5, increasing the total number of cases to 774,897.

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https://gulfbusiness.com/covid-19-schools-in-dubai-can-move-to-distance-learning-for-48-hours-without-prior-approval-khda/ Covid-19: Dubai schools can move to 48 hours distance learning without prior approval

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