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Covid-19 Prospects for the Transition from Pandemic to Endemic – Time to Get Ready

Travel does not increase the risk to the general public because the new pandemic variant Omicron is present in all parts of the world, but with very few exceptions, some medical professionals say.
A recent study by Oxera and Edge Health showed that the impact of travel bans on controlling the spread of Omicrons was very limited.
This study was unique to the UK, but if UK additional measures for Omicron were implemented from the beginning of November 2021 (prior to the identification of the subspecies), the peak of the Omicron wave would be delayed by only 5 days, The number of cases decreased by 3%.
In the absence of traveler testing, the peak of Omicron waves was seen 7 days ago, increasing the overall number of cases by 8%.
Omicron is so prevalent in the UK and elsewhere in the world that if all travel testing requirements are removed, it will not affect the number of cases or hospitalization of Omicron.
Therefore, experts say there is a wealth of scientific evidence and opinion against the targeting of travelers with restrictions and national bans to control the Covid-19 epidemic.
The measures did not work, they claim, citing their experience with the Omicron variant.
A study by the Migration Policy Institute counts over 100,000 travel measures around the world that are complex for passengers, airlines, and governments to manage.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA), a global organization of major airlines, wants the government to accelerate the relaxation of travel bans as Covid-19 continues to evolve from a pandemic to a fashionable stage.
IATA removes all travel barriers (including quarantine and testing) for travelers who are fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine, and unvaccinated travelers have negative pre-departure antigen test results. Recognizing that travelers would not increase the risk of the Covid-19 epidemic more than they already exist in the general public if they wanted to enable travel without quarantine, lift travel bans and accelerate. , Relax travel restrictions.
“Billions of dollars spent testing travelers are much more effective when allocated to vaccine distribution and strengthening of the healthcare system,” said IATA Secretary Willy Walsh.
Regarding travel bans, the WHO Emergency Commission recently lifted or eased international traffic bans as they do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced by countries around the world. I confirmed the recommendation.
“The failure of the travel ban introduced after the detection and reporting of Omicron variants to limit the international spread of Omicron indicates that such measures are ineffective over time. “
Many public health experts believe that Covid-19 will become endemic in the coming months.
WHO and other key experts say that humanity now has tools for living and traveling together, including vaccinations, treatments and public security measures, supported by increased population immunity. increase.
They recommend shifting the focus of policy from individual health to policies that focus on the protection of the entire population.
Therefore, it is important that the government and the travel industry are ready for the transition and ready to remove the burden of measures that impede travel.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709343/Covid-19-pandemic-to-endemic-transition-prospects- Covid-19 Prospects for the Transition from Pandemic to Endemic – Time to Get Ready

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