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COVID-19 vaccine launched for people over 60 years

Hyderabad: Telangana Health Minister T. Harish Lao launched the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday for people over the age of 60. The Minister addressed the rally at the Government Unani Hospital in Charminar.

Prophylactic booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine were launched for healthcare professionals and people over the age of 60. Target audiences are those who suffer from comorbidity, FLW, and HCW.

Dr. G Srinivas Rao, Director of Public Health, Telangana State Government, who also attended the launch, said: Comorbidity. Health teacher B Padma was first vaccinated.

Regarding the hospital rally, Harish Rao said: There are only two ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. Tzake the vaccine and wear a mask. He added that the state achieved “102% success” with respect to the first dose, and said that 78% of the second dose was also given.

“Telangana is one of the first states to achieve 100% vaccination in the country. E is currently working on booster shots and hopefully the same will reach 100% success. I’m all We urge people to be vaccinated and follow the protocol. Our goal is to achieve 100% vaccination in the state, “Hairsh Rao said.

The leader of the All India Majlis-Muslim Council and MLA Akabaldin Owaishi, MLA Ahmed Barara of other parties, and Mumters Ahmed Khan also attended the launch. Booster shots were also given to Charminar MLA Khan and Balala. SAMRizvi, Minister of Health of Telangana, also attended.

At the rally, Akbar Owaishi said, “On behalf of the people of the old town, my fellow party members, and the University of Unani, we welcome Harish Rao, Minister of Health and Finance.” He also urged people to follow the protocol and take the vaccine to fight COVID. “Don’t focus on rumors about the side effects of vaccines.”

Owaishi said: Harish Roa is an active minister and is working hard to strengthen Telangana’s health sector. “

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-covid-19-vaccines-for-people-over-60-years-launched-2255822/ COVID-19 vaccine launched for people over 60 years

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