Covid now drops to a low level in Sitges

The level of coronavirus infection has dropped significantly Sitges, Just before the spring and summer season begins. Epidemiological data show that the current situation is safe and the number of new positives has been reduced to 5 times a day.

One month ago, immediately after Resurrection after the carnival, An average of 35 new cases were enrolled in Sitges daily. Now there are only five. Immediately after Christmas, it reached 125 every day.

Not the lowest number since the start of the pandemic, as there were 10 days with no positive cases in November 2021, but now the lowest incidence in 2022 and one of the lowest in Covid’s two years. am. New cases are considered almost mild.

The Rebound risk (IEPG) * is still out of danger level as it is not below 100 points, but it is still 136 136 Points have decreased from 3,000 a month ago.of San Pele Delives that is 170The average Catalan is 185.

The Transmission rate ((((RT) Is also below the 0.90 recommended level.Now 0.59 of Sitges When 0.54 of San Pele Delives.. The positive rates for PCR and antigen tests reported to the public health sector are about 10% for Sitges (which has risen slightly recently) and 7% for Sant Pere de Ribes.The Incidence rate (IA) teeth 229 In Sitges 321 In Sant Pere de Ribes, the average Catalan is 323.

* Potential Rebound Risk (iEPG) measures new cases that may have been diagnosed in the next 14 days to assess the growth or slowdown of the infection. It is calculated by multiplying the cumulative incidence (IA) by the transmission rate (RT).

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