COVID: Parents asked to participate in post-vacation early detection efforts

Jakarta-COVID-19 Processing Task Force encourages parents to participate in early detection efforts for COVID-19 after school leave, especially to prevent the spread of infection among children. rice field.

“We know that COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease. If not detected early, it can actually endanger other people,” said the COVID-19 Processing Task Force. Werdhani, a member of RetnoAsti’s Community Empowerment Team for Health Emergency Assistance, said in a “Healthy Holiday, Children Protected from COVID-19” webiner accessed from here on Wednesday.

According to Werdhani, with the increasing number of cases in Indonesia, early detection efforts, including the COVID-19 test, are important.

“Children are certainly a vulnerable population, and we know that the immune response is not as good as adults, especially if the child is under the age of 5 and is not vaccinated with COVID-19,” she said. rice field.

Werdhani asked parents of children over the age of 6 to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 before traveling.

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She added that if an adult and a child between the ages of 6 and 17 have a chronic illness and cannot be vaccinated, they should seek medical attention from a doctor before traveling and follow strict health protocols.

She reminded the public that infection with COVID-19 and various other viruses can occur to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, she advised people to apply the COVID-19 Health Protocol and spend their vacations in places that already have cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability (CHSE) certification.

The first case of COVID-19 in Indonesia was confirmed in March 2020. As of June 29, the country has recorded 6,086,212 COVID-19 cases, 5,913,307 recovery, and 156,731 deaths, according to data from the COVID-19 Processing Task Force.

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