COVID Vaccines: Why are they wasted? How many people are vaccinated?

According to the report, more than 82 million COVID-19 vaccines have been discarded in pharmacies and other medical institutions throughout the United States. NBC News.. This number accounts for more than 11% of all vaccines produced by the federal government.

breakdown: Wal-Mart and CVS reportedly accounted for 25% of waste. Axios..

  • Rite Aid, Costco and other pharmacies have also reportedly wasted more than 25% of the vaccines they received.
  • NBC Two states, Alaska and Oklahoma, report that they have discarded more than a quarter of the vaccine they received. Alaska discarded 27% of the 1 million vaccines it received, and Oklahoma discarded 28% of the nearly 4 million doses of vaccine.
  • Associated Press It is reported that more waste is generated nationwide, 1.5 million times in Michigan, 1 million times in Illinois, 1.45 million times in North Carolina, and about 725,00 times in Washington.

Why are shots wasted? There are several reasons why you should discard a COVID-19 shot.

  • Associated Press The dose may expire and be discarded, or it may be wasted due to vial breakage or temperature issues.
  • Another reason for waste is that no-show vaccination appointments, cancellations, or open vials have expired. NBC..

Vaccination rate: Data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It shows that out of the more than 715 million vaccinations distributed, about 589 million were vaccinated.

  • In the United States, 221.6 million people are fully vaccinated.
  • Meanwhile, in the United States, 104 million people receive one booster shot and 15.7 million people receive both boosters. CDC..

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