COVID19: Nightclub, Safe Pass Abandoned for Wedding

Following a Cabinet decision on Tuesday, health officials have abolished the requirements for safe passes at events such as recreational facilities, nightclubs, weddings and baptisms from May 15.

The Cabinet also decided to increase the number of visits allowed to hospital patients from once to twice a day, provided that the rapid test is negative within 24 hours.

This decision was prompted by improving the epidemiological situation in Cyprus, said Health Minister Michaelis Hajipantera.

“Reduction and reduction in the number of cases hospitalization In the past few weeks we have been able to proceed with further mitigation, “Hajipantera said after a cabinet decision.

But the minister warned that “positive progress should not lead to complacency under any circumstances.”

Tuesday’s decision adds to a number of measures that were abolished on May 15.

Private contacts no longer require self-quarantine, regardless of vaccination status or whether they have been infected with the virus in the last three months.

Instead, it is recommended that all close contacts be tested on the 3rd and 5th days.

We recommend a weekly test for everyone, using either self-testing or rapid testing.

In addition, children under the age of 12 no longer need to wear face masks, and all schools’ “stay test” policies are abolished.

From mid-May, students no longer need to present a safe pass.

Hospitality venue, bar, Nightclub For establishments up to 500 square meters, it will be raised, for establishments over 500 square meters, it will be raised by 85%, and the ratio will remain one person per square meter.

The maximum capacity of the stadium and casino has also increased to 85% in time for the FA Cup Final on May 25th.

After May 15, employees vaccinated or recovered in hospitals, nursing homes, medical institutions, rehab centers, and other closed structures will no longer be required to present a negative job test.

Unvaccinated employees should continue to be presented with a 48-hour negative rapid or PCR test.


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