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CPM, Congress unites for pensions to individual staff. Reject Guv’s suggestion

Thiruvananthapuram: The ruling CPM-led LDF and the parliament-led opposition UDF are in agreement over the pensions of the minister’s individual employees.

Currently in Kerala, individual staff are entitled to a lifetime pension after two years of work, and their families are entitled to the same qualifications after their death. The Kerala Legislature passed a bill on this issue in 1994, and since then state funding has paid pensions to former ministerial staff.

However, Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, who is openly fighting the state government and the opposition, has categorically insisted that the government report to him about pensions for employees. When the Prime Minister recently visited him at Raj Bhavan, he told him the same thing.

The CPM, which heads the state government, is not interested in the “dictation” of the governor. CPM Secretary of State Kodyyeri Balakryshnan said while talking to media outlets in Thiruvananthapuram, “There is no problem with the reversal of pensions given to ministerial staff, and there are very few political posts among staff. “.

In Kerala, the minister has the right to appoint 30 employees, but the state has limited it to 27 employees. Interestingly, the minimum pension for individual staff is Rupees 3,550 after the 11th payment committee in the state.

Individual employees who have worked for two years are eligible for a pension, and if they join at the age of 18 and retire at the age of 20, they are eligible for a pension. Civil servants will retire in Kerala at the age of 56, but individual staff have no age limit.

Individual staff of ministers, speakers, deputy speakers, and opposition leaders are eligible to receive a pension. Arif Mohammed Khan categorically states that an employee will be assigned for two years, then resigned, and another person who can serve the remaining term of the minister will be assigned, which will lead to both pensions.

Parliamentary leader K. Muraleedharan, a member of the Vatakara Lok Sabha Constituency, said while talking to media outlets: Based on a bill passed by the Kerala State Parliament, the practice of continuing pensions for individual employees will continue. “

The state will probably witness a major conflict between the ruling and opposition parties with one governor, in opposition to the governor’s move to put a brake on the pensions of ministerial staff in unison with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the opposition UDF. Let’s go. The other side.

https://www.siasat.com/kerala-cpm-congress-unite-for-pension-to-personal-staff-reject-guv-suggestion-2279316/ CPM, Congress unites for pensions to individual staff. Reject Guv’s suggestion

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