Craig Gifford, a drowning victim in Dublin, said, “I fell into the river while hiding from Gardai after the crash of the M50.”

A man who recovered his body from the river tried to hide from Gardai and fell into the water.

Irish police can reveal that investigators believe Craig Gifford was injured when a car he was driving last Wednesday crashed into a barrier near the M50 highway in Dublin.

Gifford, 21, was injured in a car crash, but is understood to have managed to escape from Gardai.

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He is believed to have been hiding in the undergrowth on the banks of the ToruCa River to escape Gardai, who was looking for him, but then fell into the water and drowned.

Gardai began a large search for Mr. Gifford from nearby Finglas after crashing a car driving near the intersection of River Road and Danshin Crane in northern Dublin at around 2:30 pm on Wednesday. bottom.

Investigators believe that Mr. Gifford was able to free himself from the car and escape before Gardai arrived at the scene, sources said.

One source told Irish Miller:

“It is believed that he was trying to hide from Gardai who went to the scene.

“Gardi searched the area on foot and helicopters were deployed to find him in the air.

“But there were no signs of him.”

Officers then sued Mr. Gifford for the missing person, saying they and his family were worried about his well-being.

They also called in a specialist diver from the Garda Water Unit to search the ToruCa River near the crash site and recovered Mr. Gifford’s body on Saturday afternoon.

His death is now being handed over to security guard GSOC for investigation, as he was interacting with Gardai before the crash.

The organization began its investigation after the introduction of Section 102 from the Garda boss.

That section provides an independent investigation of issues that appear to indicate that Garda’s actions may have resulted in the death or serious harm of a person.

Garda (stock image)

A GSOC spokesman last night urged anyone with witnesses and video footage of the crash to come forward.

Gardai also confirmed that Mr. Gifford’s death was introduced to the GSOC because he interacted with members of the unit shortly before his death.

Friends paid tribute to Mr. Gifford online last night.

Jennie Lawlor of the Finglas West Summer Project said:

“Even a young man did not pass by without saying” hello “.

“I’m thinking of his family and friends during this tragic time.”

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