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Crane: Mammoet searching for potential patents

Dutch heavy goods carrier Mammoet said Thursday that it is investigating possible intellectual property infringement by Dutch crane maker Huisman and Danish crane specialist BMS.

“The investigation concerns a series of land-based cranes, including a 3000-ton ring crane recently announced by Huisman and BMS. If a breach is apparent, Mammoet will actively exercise its legal rights in all applicable jurisdictions. We will take steps to do so, “says Mammoet. Said.

“As a world leader in heavy goods transportation and transportation, Mammoet is driving industry innovation, including major developments in SPMT trailers, hydraulic skid systems, Mega Jack series, container (ring) cranes and more. This innovation is one of the foundations of Mammoet. Infringement of the business, and therefore its rights, including its intellectual property, will be pursued through legal enforcement. “

The company also shared two photos comparing the Huisman and BMS cranes, and the Mammoet SK350 crane (see above).

The offshore engineer contacted Huisman and BMS for comment. We will update the article with any response we may receive.

As reported in January, a Danish-based BMS heavy crane I ordered a 3,000mt Ringer crane from Dutch crane maker Huisman with the option of a second unit.

According to Huisman, the crane setup is optimized for operation in the wind industry. Cranes capable of lifting 1,200 mt components at heights up to 225 m and lowering heights to lift 3000 mt heavy structures bring next-generation wind turbines to BMS onshore, offshore, and floating foundations. Ready to install in. last month.

Crane delivery is scheduled for late 2023. Financial details have not been disclosed.

Crane specifications shared by Huisman

▪ A completely electrically driven system. This results in high positioning accuracy, efficient energy use, reduced maintenance, and improved reliability.

▪ Modular ring system. You can use the entire 360 ​​° ring or part of it, depending on your specific site layout.

▪ Simple failure of road transportable parts allows for easy relocation of cranes

▪ Dedicated boom settings ensure a lightweight and rigid design.

▪ The crane can be turned up without using an auxiliary crane

▪ Very low earth pressure

▪ Can be operated with stronger winds than conventional cranes.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/494016-cranes-mammoet-investigating-potential-patent-infringement-by-huisman-and-bms Crane: Mammoet searching for potential patents

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