Criminal Christie Kinahan’s “secret” ex-wife dies in the Netherlands

The secret ex-wife of criminal Christie Kinahan Sr has died.

Jacqueline Kallenbach, 64, previously revealed that he had secretly married “Dapper Don” exclusively and had many businesses with him, but died of a short illness in the Netherlands last week. I did.

Kallenbach’s daughter Francis, who was asked to comment on this paper, replied, “What my mother says is ridiculous.”

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In a death notice posted online, Kallenbach’s family said she died “too early” from a short illness.

“We are deeply sad, but full of praise for her optimism and willpower during a desperate and dishonest illness. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to her. I read the post.

“Too early, still full of plans and ideals, my dear wife, our mother, and my dear grandmother died after a short struggle.”

Christie’s ex-wife, who later married the infamous hitman and rapist, will be cremated later this week, but members of the Kinahan family will not attend and may attend due to recent sanctions. can not. United States and United Arab Emirates Government.

Kallenbach, who had been in contact with Christie’s son Daniel for years and recently wanted a happy Christmas on Twitter, started several businesses with Dapperdon after marrying him in the UK in 2001. ..

The pair went on different paths in 2007. And when Ms. Kallenbach was behind the bar for murdering her woman and her two children, she eventually married triple killer Louis Hagemann.

In 2017, I followed Ms. Kallenbach at my home in Amsterdam. Ms. Kallenbach refused to comment on her past relationship with Kinahan: She has nothing to do with him — I have nothing to do with him. This time it is f * ck off, f * ck off. It’s not your job. “

Next, she revealed her secret relationship with the world and how she did a lot of business with mob bosses, from tanning salons and beauty salons to car dealerships and construction development companies.

Documents obtained by The Star reveal that Ms. Kallenbach and Dapperdon tied a knot on October 30, 2001.

Christie Kinahan

They shared a home in Chertsey, Surrey, from which they ran up to 10 businesses.

The house was once home to the eldest sons of drug kings, Daniel Kinahan and Christopher Jr.

According to company records, Kallenbach, also known as “Jackie Kinahan,” served as secretary and director of many companies alongside his spouse at the time and his sons, who now rule the € 1 billion criminal empire. Was there.

After his relationship with Kinahan ended in 2007, Kallenbach established a relationship with former Hell’s Angel Biker Louis Hagemann, who had been in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend and two young children in 1984. rice field.

He also appeared in court in 1985 for the bloody murder of an Irish woman, Joan Sullivan, but was later released due to lack of evidence.

Wilson, who lives on Ormonde Street in Portadown, disappeared without a trace after meeting a Dutch man who was later identified as a sex offender Hagemann, 60, who was convicted by a friend, only 22. I was old.

Prosecutors alleged that Hageman had taken a young hotel worker to an apartment in Amsterdam, where he stabbed her to death and then tore her body.

A few weeks after her disappearance, a woman’s torso and left foot were found in a plastic bag floating in a canal in the Dutch capital near Mr. Hagemans’ mother’s houseboat.

Wilson’s head and other limbs were never found.

The Dutch police investigation was postponed due to the difficulty in identifying the body.

Eventually, the torso and legs were linked to Wilson through the hair and sandal traces found on her flats.

A young Dutch mother, Collina Borhar and her children Sharon and Donna were slaughtered by Hagemann in 1984.

A monster known to have helped Dutch police control the movement of drugs across the country was stabbed in a terrifying blood bath at a house in Amsterdam.

Collina’s other son, Brian, was just one year old, escaped at night, and was found in a cot in the room next to the bodies of his mother and brother.

Two days after the murder, a neighbor found the baby crying in the apartment.

Collina (30) was strangled with a cord and belt, but her son Sharon had three puncture wounds on his neck and ten on his back, and he was also strangled.

Collina’s daughter Donna, 9, was found in her bed with eight puncture wounds on her heart and neck. She was also strangled by her.

Hagemann has also spent nine years on bank robbery and on exacerbating assaults to escape prisons, weapons and drug crimes.

He was also sentenced to six years in prison in 1998 for the rape of his girlfriend Renetta van der Mer.

It was her testimony that led to his life imprisonment for the murder of Corina and her children.

Ms. Kallenbach launched a high-profile campaign to confirm that her husband had escaped the murder, and she swore his innocence.

In an interview with a local Dutch newspaper, Ms. Kallenbach claimed that Hageman was an innocent man.

“In 2005, my husband was sentenced to life imprisonment for the horrific murder of Corina Bolhaar and her two children. Completely wrong! Louis has no clean past, but a murder in his name. There is no such thing, “she said.

“You may be wondering why I am married to a person sentenced to life imprisonment. Louis always had a place in my heart. He is familiar and what to each other You don’t even have to explain. We can thank each other, love each other, and love each other. “

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